About StudioJS

StudioJS began creating canvas art some 15 years ago, producing traditional landscapes in acrylic on board and canvas.  Dissatisfied with these efforts, the artist began to experiment with different media and styles.  Today, StudioJS works mainly with acrylic paints in an abstract style, producing interesting and diverse pieces. These are mainly produced using paint pouring techniques and acrylic paint pouring mixtures.

In recent months, the artist has begun to again experiment with different styles of traditional landscape painting, alongside their work with pouring paints, and has recently produced a series of paintings entitled ‘The Sky Series’, which can be viewed on the following pages.

Based in the United Kingdom, in the English northwest, StudioJS creates a range of canvases and decorative items for your home. Many homeware pieces are sold through local craft shops and fairs.
Commission work is also undertaken.

StudioJS also promotes less experienced, local artists; mentoring them during their early artist career and providing space to showcase their work.

Paint Pouring

The method of producing art using paint pouring techniques ensures that each canvas is unique and as a rule, cannot be duplicated.  Primary, base colours, metallics and embellishments are used to create colour mixtures and effects and there are various techniques associated with the art, each of which can produce a different paint finish.

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