Sefton Art Group Fall Exhibition

Blog for web site 19th October 2019

Well, I am excited! Today’s the day that I show my artwork to more than just my family and friends! To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect as this is the first exhibition that I’ve been part of.

The initial reception to my work has been fantastic and big thanks and a shout out to Roy Munday of Sefton Art Group who’s one of the reasons that I am exhibiting at the Art Fair. I’ve been a member of his Saturday Art Class since last year and he’s been instrumental in setting up the exhibition.

On top of the excitement of the exhibition, it’s turned out to be a beautiful sunny English autumn day. This weather is definitely reflecting the way I feel today. Wandering into the venue on the Saturday morning, I was elated to discover that my painting, Autumn Ash has been displayed in a wonderful position, ensuring that it gets great exposure.

I’ve only been here for the morning and I’m impressed by the number of attendees that have come through the door and am extra pleased at the sight of my family who have come out to support me. We’ve had tea and cakes all round and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Big thanks to all!


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